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>> Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hey fashionistas, we are bringing in branded clothes all the way from Hong Kong!

These gorgeous clothing are from the brand H&M, They are made in Turkey and their fabric are awesome. You definitely wont regret because they are very comfortable.
H&M has the 66th most recognized brand in the world, worth $11 billion.
More information about H&M : ! (:

Even Rihanna, Madonna and other famous stars are wearing & designing the clothes!

Black Floral

(retail price : Eur 9.90 )

Brand: H&M
Length: 21"
Stretchable; Fits S-M/UK6-UK10

SOLD - Zadora Zainal (:

Color Splatters


Brand: H&M
Length: 22"
Size: Fits UK6-UK10

SOLD - Zadora Zainal (:

love, Sugar.

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